Alternatives to Permanent Exclusion

Off-site direction is when a governing board of a maintained school requires a pupil to attend somewhere off-site to receive education that is intended to improve their behaviour. Whilst the legislation does not apply to academies, they can arrange offsite provision for such purposes under their general powers. Where interventions or outreach support have not been successful in improving a child or young person’s behaviour, off-site direction should be used to arrange short-term temporary support in another mainstream school or AP

31 Pg18 DfE Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Guidance

Whilst attending alternative provision the school should ensure that you are given clear information about the placement: why, when, where and how it will be reviewed. The placement should be kept under review. Although there is no published requirements about the frequency of reviews, they should be frequent enough to provide assurance that the provision is achieving its objectives and that this is having a positive impact on the pupil. Failure to engage in a placement may result in the school taking parental responsibility measures outlined in the school attendance policy.

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