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A Parents Guide To Elective Home Education

  • Reasons for choosing to Home Educate
  • Removal from Roll
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Local Authority Duties
  • Full Time, Efficient and Suitable
  • Resources and Support
  • Returning to Mainstream Education
  • A Quick Reminder

A Parents Guide To Permanent Exclusions

  • Reasons for a Permanent Exclusion
  • Local Authority Duties
  • Alternatives to Permanent Exclusion
  • Possible Underlying Reasons Behind Behaviour
  • Pupil Disciplinary Committee Meeting (PDC)
  • Outcomes and Next Steps
  • Resources and Support
  • A Quick Reminder

All of our courses contain the same key features


Highlighting links to the relevant DfE Guidance.


Documents to support you on your journey .


Signposting to external websites that provide additional information.


Each session contains a voiceover that provides additional content

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