Elective Home Education - Frequently Asked Questions

What is elective home education?

Elective Home Education or EHE is when a parent takes on full responsibility for their child’s education.  As a result the child is not on the roll of a school.  Unlike at school, the education provided does not have to follow the national curriculum but should be full time, suitable and efficient.  

Do you need any qualifications to home educate your child?

You don’t need any qualifications to home educate.  Dependent on your own level of ability you may wish for other people to deliver some or all of the education.  This could include private tutors, family members and attending a local EHE group or event.  Our two resources banks, one for children aged 4-11 and the other for children aged 12-16, provide a wide range of links to suitable resources that you may find helpful.

Can you go back to school after being home schooled/home educated?

You can apply for a school place at any point during the year.  Dependent on demand you may not be able to get a place in the school that you would like your child to go to, but the local authority where you live has a legal obligation to provide your child with education and will have processes  in place should you wish your child to return to education.

Can you home educate if your child has an EHCP?

Providing that your child’s needs that are set out in their Education Health and Care Plan can be met, you can home educate.  If your child is on roll at a Special School the local authority has to agree the removal from roll.  If you speak to your child’s school they should be able to organise a review.  

How do my children access exams if they are home educating?

Your children can be entered as private candidates.  You will need to find an exam centre and enter your children into the exams that you wish them to take by the published entry deadline.  You may have to pay additional fees for late entry.  Visit the exam section of our resource bank for further information.

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