Each academic year over 5000 young people are permanently excluded from mainstream schools in England. For some of the parents of these pupils it may have felt like an inevitable conclusion to a repeated pattern of poor choices, for others it may be a bolt out of the blue for a one off incident. This course is ideal if you child is at risk of, or already has been permanently excluded from school .

Each lesson will explain a particular part of the permanent exclusion process, enabling you to make fully informed decisions about how best to support your child. Along the way you will find links to the latest guidance from the Department for Education, information about what a child can be permanently excluded for and how best to represent your child at the pupil disciplinary committee meeting that will review the headteachers decision to exclude your child .

As you move through the lessons an audio track will play automatically providing a detailed explanation of the topic with additional information added below. We hope you enjoy the course.

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