Possible Underlying Reasons Behind Behaviour

Possible Causal FactorsExamples of Support Available
BereavementBereavement UK
Local Education Psychology Service
Experienced Domestic AbuseYoung Minds
BullyingAnti Bullying Pro
Child ExploitationNSPCC
Mental HealthLocal CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health) Service
Young Minds
Unidentified/Identified Special Educational Needs
Contact your local SEND Advice and Support Service
IPSEA – Independent Provider of Special Education Advice
Assess Plan Do Review Process
Online SafetySWGFL
Substance AbuseNSPCC
Adverse Childhood Experiences
(Examples include physical, sexual and emotional abuse, living
with somebody who has abused substances the loss of a parent)

The exclusion rates for certain groups of pupils are consistently higher than average. This includes: pupils with SEN; pupils eligible for free school meals; looked after children; and pupils from certain ethnic groups. The ethnic groups with the highest rates of exclusion are: Gypsy/Roma; Travellers of Irish Heritage; and Caribbean pupils.

Paragraph 21 DfE Exclusion Guidance

……the head teacher should consider what extra support might be needed to identify and address the needs of pupils from these groups in order to reduce their risk of exclusion. For example, schools might draw on the support of Traveller Education Services, or other professionals, to help build trust when engaging with families from Traveller communities.

Paragraph 22 DfE Exclusion Guidance
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