Alternatives to Permanent Exclusion

Maintained schools have the power to direct a pupil off-site for education to improve their behaviour. A pupil at any type of school can also transfer to another school as part of a ‘managed move’ where this occurs with the consent of the parties involved, including the parents and the admission authority of the school. However, the threat of
exclusion must never be used to influence parents to remove their child from the school.

Paragraph 15 DfE Exclusion Guidance

If your child attends an Academy off site provision can be arranged under their general powers set out in the Academy Trust’s Articles of Association.

Whilst attending alternative provision the school should ensure that you are given clear information about the placement: why, when, where and how it will be reviewed. The placement should be kept under review. Although there is no published requirements about the frequency of reviews, they should be frequent enough to provide assurance that the provision is achieving its objectives and that this is having a positive impact on the pupil. Failure to engage in a placement may result in the school taking parental responsibility measures outlined in the school attendance policy.

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