Pupil Disciplinary Committee Meeting (PDC) 

Pupil Disciplinary Committee Meeting Overview

Serious Breaches

Persistent Breaches

PDC Pack Contents

InformationSerious BreachPersistent Breaches
Table of Contents
Previous Fixed Period Exclusion Letters
Permanent Exclusion Letters
School Behaviour Policy
Headteacher Statement
Anonymised Witness Statements
Statement from the Pupil
Relevant photographs, maps or diagrams
Timeline of events
Evidence of internal strategies e.g. school support plan, mentoring timetable
Evidence of external strategies e.g. education psychologist report, external advice recieved
Behaviour log


  • A minimum of 3 Governors
  • Clerk to the meeting
  • Headteacher
  • Parents and/or their representative (the pupil may also attend)
  • Social Worker (if the pupil has one)
  • Local Authority Education Officer (In the case of an Academy, if requested by parents)

Sample Meeting Format

  • Introduction from all attendees
  • The chair of the panel sets out the remit of the panel
  • The headteacher presents a statement followed by questions from attendees
  • The parents present a statement followed by questions from attendees (pupil may also present)
  • Local Authority Officers followed by questions from attendees
  • Headteacher closing statement
  • Parents closing statement
  • All parties except the clerk and the panel leave the room to allow the governors to reach a decision
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